Making India go industrial

Published on December 15 2008


You might think Delhi doesn't have much of an industrial rock scene. That's because you haven't been introduced to Etherdust yet. Granted, Amit, the band's only member, may feel at times musically lonely in his town; but not on jamendo!

There is no industrial music scene in Delhi. In fact, I have not seen or heard of any industrial band in the whole of India, explains Amit quite clearly. But Delhi has a lot of pop, rock, punk, alternative and metal gigs, and some local bands are doing quite well.” Amit actually plays guitar in one of those, with which he tours on a regular basis. 

He also creates video games, which is how he got to starting his solo project, early 2007. “I used to write video games with a friend of mine, and we needed some music for one of those games. So I decided to try and make it myself, and that became Etherdust.”

In addition to the two EPs he published on jamendo, Be Paranoid Be Safe and At Someone Else's Funeral, so far he's made “a couple of jingles and a few tracks for video games”, but hopes to take his project much further, for example on tour in Europe or Japan... 

Amit, like so many others, was introduced to industrial music through Nine Inch Nails, which he got to after “getting hooked to” Nirvana and Alice In Chains. Subsequent discoveries of Ministry, Marilyn Manson and Zeromancer followed, sealing his love for all things industrial. And then one day he found jamendo, where he discovered more music still, starting with Tryad and Fresh Body Shop. “I really  like jamendo, and not only as an artist: I have discovered some great music here.”