Smoke Fish, heralds of free music in Brittany

Published on December 5 2008


This pop-rock outfit from Brest, France, has clear ideas as to the way to go when you're an indie band in 2008: the way of free music!

Smoke Fish

Smoke Fish was born two years ago, when Shay, a young Israeli who was traveling the world to celebrate the end of his military service, settled in the city of Brest, on the very end of the western tip of Brittany, “because it's the most rock'n'roll town in France”.

Since then, the band has been very active, playing over 80 gigs, opening for a host of popular French artists and bands (Miossec, Yann Tiersen, Kaolin...) and recording several EPs. Musically, Smoke Fish evolves fast (sure, they're fans of Queen and Bowie, but they keep their ears open for Battles and MGMT, “which is something you can hear in our music”), and already considers its first recordings outdated. What you'll find on jamendo is their most recent material, namely the catchy, poppy single “Mary”. They recently added a new version, especially put together for jamendo, complete with a series of live tracks; check it out here.

Distributed in local record shops, the band's releases are strictly under Creative Commons, and so will be the forthcoming album, due next spring. “The idea is to try and work differently thanks to CC licenses. The entire record industry is forcing itself to stick with a system that functioned for a while, but today, with internet and P2P sharing, it just doesn't work anymore, explains Py, Smoke Fish's drummer. This is a transition period, no one knows what things will be like five years from now. In the meantime, we've chosen our side: free music!”

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