Taiwan remix machine

Published on November 28 2008

The MoShang project is all about remixing others. Jean, a South African musician living in Taiwan, makes entire albums of remixes, a creative way to help artists get more exposure.


Asian Variations is the first remix album Jean made under the name MoShang. Having moved from South Africa to Dali City, Taiwan, five years ago, his connections with the local music scene have become quite strong. “I was lucky enough to get approached by a number of artists who wanted me to do remixes of their work. No big names, but people who are pretty much on my level in their musical careers. To round out the Asian Variations collection, I also approached some of my musician friends, a number of whom I've performed live with in Taiwan and in South Africa, and offered to remix their music.

A fan of chill-out and downtempo electronica, Jean's sound tends to lean in those directions. But he likes to incorporate elements of traditional Chinese music in his remixes, and to work with artists from all kinds of backgrounds, such as the “healthy and growing Taiwan underground hip hop scene”, like  Kou Chou Ching and Chang Jui-chuan.

A Creative Commons enthusiast, Jean also produced several tracks for the CC Asia Band project, that you can hear on the CABACA album, available on jamendo. Whether for others of himself, all he wants is to help spread the talent. “I've been on jamendo since August 2007 and was hoping it would provide a platform for exposing the Asian Variations album to a larger audience. It's definitely met my expectations in that regard. I also expect to collaborate with some of the artists I've been exposed to here on jamendo.”

Written by amelie

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