Across the English Channel with MoOt

Published on October 3 2008

One of jamendo's finest manufacturers of classic British pop isn't from Liverpool but from Le Havre, France. And he's really good at it too...


The most impressive about the 6-track demo that MoOt, a.k.a. 34-year-old Matthieu, posted on jamendo is not only the quality of his songwriting, that draws straight from the best of 1960s British music (Beatles, Kinks and The Who), it's also the fact that he made it all by himself. “I've written, recorded and produced eight albums in total”, he says, explaining that his numerous experiences in bands, where it's always “those who pull forward and those who just tag along”, convinced him that he'd be more efficient alone.

Composing, singing, writing string and brass arrangements, Matthieu can do it all. He just needs a little help from his friends with drums and mixing. Being of course a fan of all things British, he managed to move to England ten years ago, working for a company that operates ferries across the Channel. “It made me improve my English and get to know English culture better. Their relation to music is really strong. To see grannies humming Kinks songs or traders in suits running to buy the new McCartney album is priceless for me. It feels like I'm on a different planet. In England, there's a respect for musicians, just like for lawyers or doctors. In France, people always ask you what your real job is.”

Right now, MoOt is busy finishing his first full-length solo album, while working with some friends to put a live band together and start touring. Chances are pretty high his new stuff will not have lost that vintage shine. But Matthieu isn't sorry. “We all have influences. When I write, I don't try to sound like the Beatles, it just happens. Is it really necessary to create something new anyway? I think the only question really worth asking is: do you like what you hear?”




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