Pamela Garcia, our little Miss Guatemala

Published on August 26 2008

After the Philippines, let us introduce the sole representative of Guatemala on Jamendo, young pop singer Pamela Garcia.

Pamela Garcia

She took up the guitar eight years ago because she needed to accompany her singing. Then she rapidly “fell in love with writing” and understood that “this was what [she] wanted to do for the rest of [her] life.” Now Pamela Garcia is some kind of an underground celebrity in Guatemala City (she's also a theater actress): radios don't play her music “because it's not commercial”, which makes her “an outsider”, but “from time to time, people say hi to me in the street. That makes me realize that people who have heard or seen me really like what I do.”

She also explains that making a living from your music in Guatemala is hard. Local musicians, receiving little support because the public is generally more interested in international artists, need to work on the side to support themselves. “But, she says, refusing to be discouraged, that doesn't mean that there aren't some who manage.”

Pamela has only uploaded two songs on Jamendo. She regrets not having had much time to devote to her music lately, but that's going to change; and she's got plenty of plans to keep herself busy. “Right now, I’m writing again. I want to record my new material and share it with you. I also want to play concerts more often again, and in the future write music for theater.”

Written by amelie

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