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A band born on Jamendo!

Three musicians from three different countries making music together without ever having met: such a story could only happen on Jamendo. And it’s the story of Triplexity.

SaReGaMa and Nikila were two Jamendo users exchanging good reviews about their music. Not just out of politeness, but because each one really appreciated the other’s work. And then one day of 2007, after SaReGaMa asked Nikila to send him the separate tracks of a composition of hers he really liked so he could remix it, their first collaboration was born, “Morning”, followed by a full album, …Not Too Far. This would lay the foundation of what would become the sound of Triplexity: smooth, introspective and mostly instrumental electronica.

And when SaReGaMa wanted to do something “more world music-influenced, more organic”, he turned to another Jamendo musician, Hamel1, who plays sax, clarinet and guitar. From this new three-way collaboration came out the track Three 4 Ten. “This was a milestone for Triplexity”, says SaReGaMa.

The fact that SaReGaMa lives in the woods of Mount Carmel (Israel), that Nikila is a Belgian citizen currently based in France, that Hamelin lives near Narbonne (South of France), and that the three of them have so far never had an occasion to meet physically was no obstacle. “The way Triplexity works is radically different from the ‘rehearsal/concert’ model, and that’s a really interesting experience, explains Hamelin. I often compare it to studio work, only deferred.”

On the contrary, the geographical as well as musical differences (SaReGaMa comes from a trance/new age background, Nikila is into world music and cutting-edge electronica and Hamelin is a jazz buff) are an asset for the group. “Triplexity is all about this complementarity through our differences, with a multicultural component, an openness to other horizons that I like a lot, says Nikila. And then there’s this complicity between us that makes it a real pleasure to make music together!”

These last few months, the trio has been working on its second album, “Live In Triplex City”, which is now published. Even though they make music just for pleasure “without any schedules or obligations”, the three musicians have a healthy work rhythm going. “Usually it’s a matter of a couple of days to finish a track, if all the members have enough time to spare, explains SaReGaMa. We all have dayjobs, Triplexity is our leisure.”

So, will the members of Triplexity meet one day? Maybe even play a gig? There are no such plans so far, but who knows. “I hope to meet my fellow musicians one day, perhaps for a beer, says Hamelin. The idea of making Triplexity a live band is still far-fetched, but nothing is impossible!”


Triplexity from left to right: Nikila, SaReGaMa, Hamelin


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    Birthplace for triplexity: Jamendo.
    Triplexity ist die beste Künstlerin.

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