New revenue sharing!

Published on April 22 2008

Good news: the revenue sharing has been carried out and 1400 artists have benefited from it.

In accordance with the program principle, the global sum corresponds to 50% of the advertising revenues accumulated these last four months (December – March). Some artists have seen their virtual account rise substantially, whereas for others, it was only a few cents. The more people listen to your album, the more you are rewarded. So that's another good reason to tell everyone about your music.

Artists can check the state of their virtual account in their administration panel.

You can ask to have the available sum transferred from your virtual account to your bank account every three months, or when you have reached 100 euros.

Congratulations to the first artists who have trusted Jamendo: one of them has totaled more than 2000 euros since he joined Jamendo, advertising revenues and donations combined.

More and more artists are subscribing to this program. Benefit from it too!

Written by marc

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