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CNN embraces Creative Commons!

This not really related to Jamendo but it sets an important milestone for Creative Commons.

CNN has decided to release the upcoming U.S. presidential debates under a Creative Commons type license.

Would you like Jamendo to open some “politics” / “audio books” / “speeches” categories ?


19 Responses to “CNN embraces Creative Commons!”

  1. Guy Johnston Says:

    I think Jamendo should be mainly focused towards music, but I wouldn’t mind those new categories being created, as long as all the files in them allow everyone the freedom to at least distribute unmodified copies non-commerically.

  2. Prospero Says:

    If you could open a categorie for “Audio books” I would be very, very pleased – perhaps you could cooperate with LibriVox?
    Ad Astra

  3. keikomushi Says:

    I’d be up for all of those categories and might even add upload my own work when my first novel gets done. Also, there are a dozen or so people that I know that would be interested in it as well.

  4. Cixxx J Says:

    Indeed, that’s great news! About the “speech” section if I was in charge for that decision I’d make a “brother” site, dedicated to these things and leave Jamendo focused on music. Jamendo is great and beautiful because its strictly about music, no frills, no videos, just music, so I’d leave it the way it is

  5. Conley Says:

    I’ve thought about this (esp considering that some already have posted such things leaving them out there mingling with all the music).

    I kind of like it focused the way it is now.


  6. finferflu Says:

    Surely that would be great!

  7. AJF Says:

    Yes! An “audiobooks” category would be most fitting for Jamendo.

  8. loudnoise Says:

    Please NO

  9. Artaliss Says:

    Why not ? This may be really interesting…

  10. eljunior Says:

    i think it’s a good idea, it would be nice have easy access to this kind of stuff.

  11. Ivan Lebedev Says:

    Audio books do sound good.

  12. JD Says:

    I like the idea, BUT only if each category can have a space of it’s own.

    Right now Jamendo is all music. If you add more categories, you should put the music at “music.jamendo.com”, and the politics at “news.jamendo.com”, and the audio books at “audiobooks.jamendo.com” (you get the idea). One of the main reasons I avoid certain websites is because their front page is covered with tasteless news articles and pictures. Giving each section an address of it’s own will allow people to go to only the sections they want– and skip the ones they don’t want to see. If you do something like that, I completely support the idea of adding more sections– if you don’t do something like that it will degrade the quality of Jamendo and I hate the idea of that!

    Jamendo Rocks! (literally)
    ~ JD :)

  13. Sebastian Dahlgren Says:

    That’s great! Hurray!

    Yeah I would like such categories!

  14. Tim McCormack Says:

    I dunno. I can see a strong argument for just staying with music. If you move to include non-artistic spoken word, you complicate the Jamendo interface. (What is an album? What is a song?) If you limit it to music (and artistic audio at the very least), then you simplify the interface. That lets the Jamendo devs better focus on the core aspects of the site.

  15. .EMC Says:

    I think this would be a valueable extension to the community. Publishing audio documents of historical importance under the CC is a great idea.


  16. Lekasus Says:

    Yes, I think this would be a good extension!

    Our culture also consists of society and is influenced by politics, so why not give Jamendo a chance to free our society ;-)

  17. Andrew Says:

    YES!!! Absolutely. It would really help to have a place to find Creative Commons material of this sort. :-)

  18. Caine Collin Says:

    I would love audio books.

  19. Sarah Says:

    Not sure how I managed to navigate to this page… but anyway, I like what I see, so keep it up

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