How to get your album to 10.000 ears in 2 months on Jamendo...

Published on April 24 2007

A quick usecase of our new BuzzTeam feature!

WhiteRoom (a Canadian pop band) released their eponymous album on Jamendo on February 09th of this year. It initially received a few good reviews and begun making its way in the Jamendo community.

Then a few days ago, Mike Linksvayer discovered the album (it would be interesting to know how) and liked it. Mike happens to be the CTO of Creative Commons and the primary contributor to their highly popular weblog. He included a player widget of the WhiteRoom album on a post about Rythmbox+Jamendo.

A few days later: the album was listened to more than 10.000 times, it received more reviews and was added to the finest playlists on Jamendo. Mike is now of course the most active member of the WhiteRoom BuzzTeam with more than 1700 referrals!

This is the most outstanding example of BuzzTeam use to date but there are many, many others. Even if your blog isn't as popular as the Creative Commons one, the artists welcome every single effort to help them spread their music, so let's share your favourite albums!

Written by sylvinus

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