Jamendo has gone Platinium !

Published on March 27 2007

Jamendo, the free music community, has distributed freely and legally more than one million albums using the popular peer to peer technology called BitTorrent.

For sure, the Gold or Platinium record threshold depends of the country and Jamendo acts globally, anyway, we are very proud that our trackers have crossed the million mark.

This figure is the minimum indicative number of the total of complete albums we have distributed so far. Peer to peer technology is not a matter of control and BitTorrent is not the only peer to peer protocol, we also support the eMule/eDonkey technology where it is even harder to have an idea of the number of distributed albums. Projecting the traffic of our mldonkey servers, we believe that we can add 50% more, bringing us to the level of one million and an half of complete albums distributed in 2 years.

The aim of Jamendo is not to define charts or the Top 40 of the best Creative Commons Licenced music. But if you ask, the most downloaded album of all time on Jamendo is Silence - L'autre endroit . This album was released on Jamendo in January 2006 under the free art licence and has been downloaded more than 11600 times.

Today, more than 2800 albums are available on Jamendo. This means around 2000 hours of free music ! The albums are downloaded at the rate of 200.000 albums per month.

Unlimited, free, and legal.

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Written by lkratz

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