Two new ways to discover and share music: Friends and Playlists Widgets

Published on January 30 2007

Some users have been complaining lately that as we increase the number of album releases every day, it gets more and more difficult to browse through the new albums. We'll be addressing this issue this week with a few new features and improvements.

The first is "Friends". It is a powerful new way to recommend an album you like to many people at once: just add them to your friends list on Jamendo and hit the "Recommend to my friends on Jamendo" link on the album pages. They will receive it and will be able to forward it to their own friends.

With this feature and a little "network effect" you can expect some albums to spread very quickly if they are recommended by key people in the community.

Another way to use this feature is to just add all the friends you have on Jamendo and just wait for them to recommend you some great albums ;-)

The second feature we're making official today is the "Playlist Widgets". As you know you can make playlists on Jamendo with our popup player. Now you can also export them to you blog or website using our embeddable player!

How to do that? Just go to your profile page on Jamendo ( and you will have the code to embed the player.

There is also a custom playlist for all the favourite albums of a user. As an example, here is my own little Jamendo player, loaded with my favourite albums:

Written by sylvinus

Published on #News