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Many MicroFormats added to Jamendo

(Warning, technical post)

Sylvain met Christophe Ducamp at the BarCampParis8 and after a few minutes of evangelization, he decided to add a bunch of microformats to Jamendo. Here are those we support now :

  • rel=license: we have been supporting this one from the beginning thanks to Creative Commons ;-)
  • rel=tags: added on all the music tag links
  • rel=payment: added to all the donation links
  • hReview: added to all the reviews
  • hCalendar: added to all the concert pages

Feel free to tell us if you think of some places where we could add some more microformats!


2 Responses to “Many MicroFormats added to Jamendo”

  1. paul Says:

    great.. what’s the point of adding these tags?

  2. sylvinus Says:

    The point is, there will be support for these tags in the upcoming firefox3. Moreover they’re easier to parse if you want to extract, say, all the jamendo concert dates


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