Published on November 17 2015

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Published on November 12 2015

Torelli & The fuse: "Experiencing so many things in my life gives me the inspiration to tell stories through music."

Coming straight from North Carolina, Torelli & The Fuse, a trio composed of Dre Torelli (vocalist/guitarist), Zachary Knight (lead guitarist/keyboardist) and Jarvis Carpentenous (bassist), mesmerize us with their creative Pop/RnB music. 

Inspired by several artists with different styles such as Death Cab For Cutie, Capital Cities, Coldplay and Ellie Goulding; Torelli & the Fuse likes to mix up musical styles and cultures.


Hi Dre! What’s up? First of all, can you tell us about you? What’s your story and how did you start making music?

I started my musical career as a solo artist several years ago while pursuing a degree in music. I met my current bandmates at an open mic night at a local club and we instantly clicked. During that time before I met them, I was feeling limited as a solo artist and it just so happened that they were looking for a frontman. Torelli and the Fuse has been a band for 3 years and we've been creating pioneering music ever since!

Torelli & The fuse: "Experiencing so many things in my life gives me the inspiration to tell stories through music."


You said once: “Anybody that knows me knows that I'm very passionate about music”, where does such passion come from?

Experiencing so many things in my life gives me the inspiration to tell stories through music. Creating music is very therapeutic for me as well as the music that other artists share with the world. It's such a connection of stories, perspectives and souls being felt in a beautiful way.


If we were to have a look at your personal music collection right now, what would we find?

My music collection is all over the place (laughs). My collection ranges from Elijah Blake to Michael Jackson, alt-J, Blondie, and Gorgon City. Lately I've been listening to The Internet's latest album 'Ego Death'. It is a phenomenal project.


Do you collaborate with other people for writing and producing your songs?

I am the main writer for band's songs but my bandmates are wonderful with assisting me with lyrical structure and delivery. Our executive producer has been a good friend of mine for years, and we also have a producer who is a frequent collaborator on our songs. They are excellent in making sure that our vision come to life.

Torelli & The fuse: "Experiencing so many things in my life gives me the inspiration to tell stories through music."

How do you feel about the interest around your music on Jamendo?

The amount of love that my band's music gets on Jamendo really excites me! I've never expected to get so many downloads and exposure every single day. Jamendo is a great site for independent musicians and music fans alike!



Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on July 23 2015

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Published on July 14 2015

Jasmine Jordan: "There is nothing like connecting with people"

Jasmine Jordan, an up and coming R&B singer, is no stranger to the disposition of falling in love. With incredible range, storytelling, and passion, Jasmine captivates audiences with relatable narratives that convey love's enthralling and heartbreaking dynamics.

Jasmine grew up in Olympia, Washington, where her love of music was influenced by R&B pop sensations Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Tamia, and Alicia Keys. The singer released her debut EP, Time Travel, in January 2015


Hi Jasmine! We discovered your music during last month on Jamendo and it already had a great impact on our audience. Your song “Possibilities” has been listened 40,000 times and has about 20,000 how do you feel about this success?

I’m really excited and thankful that so many of the Jamendo listeners have taken time to check it out and that they connect with it in one way or another! It was such a fun song to write and record so I can only hope that this same fun energy resonates with everyone who is playing it!



What are your main influences and where do you find inspiration when composing a track?

I grew up in a home that played 80’s and 90’s RnB non stop. So this music still influences and inspires me today. Overall, life is what inspires all of my music. The experiences I’ve been through, those experiences of those closest to me, the long conversations I have with my girlfriends and family. All of it slips into my music so that I’m able to share personal pieces of myself and speak about things/issues/topics that I feel passionate about.


Jasmine Jordan: "There is nothing like connecting with people"


You have been performing live in California lately. Do you like being on stage or are you more of a studio person?

I absolutely, 100%, love being on stage. There is NOTHING like connecting with people in person. It is my opportunity to give background on the songs, to share more of Jasmine Jordan and who I really am and my opportunity to share the music in a way that I hope connects with the audience in some type of positive way.



What is your best memory of all these shows you gave around the release of Time Travel?

My best memory (although there are many!) has to be going back to WA, which is where I’m from, and performing for the first time in Seattle in front of so many people I grew up with. They packed out the house and touched my heart that night, so it is a memory I will never forget.



Could you share with us any fun fact that your audience would be surprised to hear about you?

Fun fact that the audience may be surprised to hear about me is that my mother is from Mannheim, Germany and I can speak german pretty well :)

Jasmine Jordan: "There is nothing like connecting with people"

What’s next for Jasmine Jordan, do you have any projects for the future?

Next up is my new single “Smile” coming out in August which will also include a music video. I will also be announcing a Fall Tour in the next month so I hope everyone continues to journey with me through all of this and as we move into new seasons. You can follow me on everything @TheRealJasmineJ (instagram, Facebook, twitter). Thank you so much for your support Jamendo and your amazing audience! Sending love to all!

Written by The Jamendo Team

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