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Autumn Acoustic Playlist

Don't let the weather bring you down, we made the right playlist to turn your autumn days into sweeter moments!

Cozy up and enjoy our delightful Autumn Acoustic selection!

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Published on November 21 2014

Cool Cavemen: "We released our new album on our 10th anniversary date, isn't that romantic?!"

Cool Cavemen is a French groovy rock seven-piece band featuring Vince (singer), Steve Canett (guitar), Dam (guitar), Guiguit (bass), Raph (bass), Tomasito (sax & percussions) and Tomasson (drums). Full of energy, humour and infectious good vibes, these crazy but ingenious dudes will throw you in a frenzy you will not be able to resist! For their 10 years of existence, they released a brand new album,"Funkloric Trip" on Jamendo. We went to their cave to discover how cool they were, and unsurprisingly they are, very much so! 

  • Hi guys! Our readers wanna know more about your band story! How did you all meet? When did you start making music together?

Tomasson: Greetings pals! We met at a conference in Cancún about the number 6.4, back in 2004; Since we were all dressed in leopard print, we knew that we had to make noise... umm... music together. But seriously, most of us met in college, before we were bald and grumpy middle-aged men.

Tomasito: And this year is special because it has been 10 years since we created Cool Cavemen. We released the album on our anniversary date, isn't that romantic?

  • Who’s taking care of the writing process, the composition process and the production process, etc.? Is the work distinctly divided between each of you?

​Raph: In fact, we mostly work together and the result is a joyful mess... After that, the best of us (you must know who) lock ourselves in with all these dicks for weeks and come back with some real music!

Steve Canett: Hum, I think Raph was talking about his other "band"... Lyrics in French are mostly written by our singer Vince, English lyrics are usually written by the other members and then our Oxford dictionary representative (and sax player) Tomasito cringes while he tries to make our sentences work!

Vince: As for the music, usually our guitar player brings a melody and then we sit in a room for 4 hours fighting over how to arrange the song! On this album, other members of the group tried to bring melodies too, and we find it has worked quite well!

Dam: For the production, our drummer Tomasson has built a professional recording studio in the North of France (the Sound Up Studio) where we recorded the album. He dealt with the mixing and mastering, so we can say the record is self-produced from start to finish!

Cool Cavemen: "We released our new album on our 10th anniversary date, isn't that romantic?!"
  • Cool Cavemen is all about fusion, an explosive magma of many genres (rock with funk, jazz, hip-hop or folk…). You must have a lot of different influences! What are they? What do you guys listen to at the moment?


Raph: Each of us in the band has their own mix of influences, and we try to put all of it together in our music!

Dam: We like to discover music from across the board, from brutal metal to smooth jazz, including international folk music and old baroque.

Tomasson: During this interview, i’m listening to "The Circle in The Square" by Flobots, amazing!

Tomasito : And I have Amy Winehouse's first album on repeat on my mp3 player.

  • Going through your discography (3 albums & 2 EPs on Jamendo) and your music videos, we feel a strong sense of friendship and a great bond between all members of the band. But most of all, your music sounds crazier and crazier! Will you always try to keep that humorous touch in your musical universe?


Steve Canett: I don't understand... We just try to make something absolutely serious and with a worthwhile message : my jacket's got a neon green feather with laces, so I can fly in the dirt. Does it answer anything? No...​​

Guiguit': Hum... We've been playing for more than 10 years together, so it's only natural to feel some friendship in there! As for our craziness, our doctors at the mental institution agree with us.


Cool Cavemen: "We released our new album on our 10th anniversary date, isn't that romantic?!"
  • Your new album Funkloric Trip shows Cool Cavemen at the top of their game, kind of like your “Greatest Hits”! We really feel that every one of you enjoyed making this album. Can you tell us more about the story behind it?


Vince: Oh wow, thank you! Well, we were going to call the record « Greatest Tits » but thought our moms wouldn't like that… No, really, for this album we wanted a strong concept that would be common to all songs and as we love music styles from around the world, we thought a travel-themed album would be perfect. 

Dam: We started composing with that in mind from the beginning, and tried to import as many foreign rythm and melodies we could find: Polka, Samba, Country & Western, Irish Folk music… Yes, truly, we really enjoyed recording all of this!


  • Your live performances must be pretty wild, we bet you have plenty of crispy anecdotes! What was the craziest performance you had?


Tomasito: Hard to decide, we have tons !

Steve Canett: One time, there was a real buffalo in the audience, and they made him crowdsurf, and he climbed up to the stage to roar a song about a banshee... After that I woke up, behind my drums……I was really... reaaaalllllyyyy.... drunk.

Guiguit': Once someone climbed onstage and started getting naked, then he turned into a buffalo and tried crowdsurfing… and… then my cat started lecturing me about the dangers of alcohol consumption.

Cool Cavemen: "We released our new album on our 10th anniversary date, isn't that romantic?!"Cool Cavemen: "We released our new album on our 10th anniversary date, isn't that romantic?!"
  • What’s coming next for Cool Cavemen? Any plans for the future?

​Tomasson: Actually, some of us have formed new bands... I'm a part of Trapped In Freedom, and I have a new project with Raph the bassist (K2). Tomasito has had his project, Omashay, for several years now. As for Cool Cavemen itself, we are on standby, concentrating on the release of the album at the moment.

  • Last question: If you had the opportunity to choose an unconventional place to play live, what/where would it be?

On top of one of the biggest mountains! Ideal for the climbers we have in the band...

Cheers guys!

You're more than welcome! See you next time!

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Published on November 19 2014

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Published on November 14 2014

The Johnny Bemolle's: "The Johnny Bemolle's project is the sort of things you do sitting around a bonfire with good friends and a glass of wine!"

The Johnny Bemolle's is an Italian folk duo formed in late 2013 featuring Antonello and Eleonora, two talented singers/musicians. Follow Johnny's life story through their first EP One-way and hop on a ride around Europe at the pace of ukulele, guitar and flute notes. The result of this storytelling masterpiece is a fresh, uplifting and addictive musical trip that will leave you speechless!


  • Hi guys! First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your story? How did the two of you meet?

Antonello: The Johnny Bemolle’s is a folk rock and storytelling project, the sort of things you do sitting around a bonfire with good friends and a glass of wine. We put in music the stories of Johnny, a traveller and musician that we’ve gone missing, and we do it with guitar, ukulele and flute.

Eleonora: We met thanks to Johnny Bemolle, because one night I was with my friends in a pub where Antonello was playing and after the show I asked him who was that song about a french girl (East Paris).  


  • When did you start making music? Is One-way your first EP as a duo?


Antonello: We have been playing for years, but we started playing together in late 2013. I played as a one-man-band in pubs, but when I met Eleonora the idea came to life.

Eleonora: One-way came naturally after few months and it’s been a gift we made to ourselves as it were Johnny’s house first brick (see the album cover). 

The Johnny Bemolle's: "The Johnny Bemolle's project is the sort of things you do sitting around a bonfire with good friends and a glass of wine!"
  • How is the work divided between the two of you? Who writes the lyrics, composes, produces the music etc.?


Antonello: I take care to write melodies and lyrics. Arrangements and other ideas come together while playing. We try to manage all the process, even the production and management in general, we try to stay independent.

Eleonora: Antonello shares his ideas and songs come to life in our “garage” room. We love to create a network and grow our fans day by day.


  • We all want to know who Johnny Bemolle is! Tell us more about the character and his story.


We want too! (joking). We know just a little about Johnny, someone says he was born in the early 1900 in some Irish or Scottish village, belonging to a poor Italian family, but some others say he came from a rich English family.

What is for sure is that Johnny in a specific moment of his life decided to leave everything, and we probably won’t even know why. Nobody knows where is he now, someone says he’s hanging around, maybe playing in a pub or in the street. Others say he met Molly Malone in one of his travels, and now they’re living together, somewhere.

The Johnny Bemolle's: "The Johnny Bemolle's project is the sort of things you do sitting around a bonfire with good friends and a glass of wine!"
  • Some of your songs are talking about different destinations (Bruges, Paris, Dublin, Scotland). What is it about those places that inspires you so much? Are those spots you have visited?

They are some of the places that Johnny crossed with his guitar, writing about stories, characters, atmospheres he met on his journey. Every place has its own culture and its own personality, and that's probably what fascinated Johnny.


  • You’re making folk music, but do you listen to other genres? What is your favorite tune or artist at the moment?


Antonello: In the  last few months I’ve been listening to a lot of independent folk and blues bands found on the web, for example Shakey Graves, Them Savages or Blue Dean Carcione (artists that I super recommend!), but also ‘heavier’ things (I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan).

Eleonora: I usually listen to many folk artists and now I am over-listening Damien Rice last album. Regarding other music, I am passionate about Italian prog rock, a genre that few months ago lost a great artist, Francesco Di Giacomo (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), one of my favorites singer of all time.


The Johnny Bemolle's: "The Johnny Bemolle's project is the sort of things you do sitting around a bonfire with good friends and a glass of wine!"
  • #Do you have any live experiences you would like to share? Your favorite performance, or maybe a particular/funny anecdote?


Antonello: We would like to share a promo video that we made for a very nice music festival we attended this summer The Johnny Bemolle's - “Non il Solito Festival”, an independent music event, where we had the pleasure to support The Niro.

Eleonora: We would like to take this opportunity to inform the jogger in the video that one day he will become famous!



At this moment we are working together with a ukulele player / producer to record a special tribute to traditional Irish music and we are also thinking about East Paris’ videoclip. Obviously our goal is to play anywhere, in Italy and abroad!


Cheers guys!


Cheers to you!

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Published on October 31 2014

Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"

Chill Carrier is the German chillout, lounge and electronica project of Sebastian Kretzchmar, started in 2003. The project soon became the repository to save any of his chilly experiments. Ranging from lounge to breakbeat and trip-hop or just experimental tunes, it's a never-ending process of musical evolution, influenced by almost everything he comes across every day, people he meets, sounds he hears, things he sees. It's all somewhat sumed up in his tunes. On his all new releases, Sunday Classics Volume 1 & Volume 2he invites every one of us to step into his unique world of sound.




  • Hi Sebastian! First of all, can you tell our readers who Chill Carrier is, what’s the story and how did you start making music?


​​Chill Carrier is a project by me, Sebastian Kretzschmar, which came to life in 2003 to channel my more experimental and quieter output. I was born and raised in East Germany as a child of the 80s I was always intrigued by anything that made sounds ever since then. When a school buddy of mine introduced me to a so-called music tracker (Fasttracker 2 for MS-DOS) in the mid-90s soon not a single day would go by without me playing around with numerous electronic sounds and samples. And as I grew older those early Techno- and Trance-tunes (made under my first pseudonym "c. bass t.n.") started to go more and more into a smoother and experimental direction, what would eventually turn into the project as it is today.


  • What is the main idea/concept behind the "Sunday Classics" album series?

As I have dozens or even hundreds of never finished or at least never released tracks in my archive from the past two decades, I often come accross some of them when I'm in a nostalgic mood and cruise through those folders. And many times I come to think how unfortunate it is to have that little tune sit in the dusty dark archives of mine and never be heard by anyone. So I started to release each of them every Sunday during the last months on the project's Facebook page, calling them "Classic Sunday Freebies", wrapping them up into several volumes as "Sunday Classics" series from now on, to keep them nicely together.


Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"
  • Are there any particular messages you would like to convey through those albums, and through your music in general?

Making music has become so much more than just some hobby, I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day. So most of the time a song is brought to life so quickly that there is not much time for deep thoughts upfront. But it did capture a bit of myself, a certain mood I was in, influences from my most favorite artists – and once I noticed that I could even reach other people with that music, I started to spread it freely around the net and Jamendo has been an amazing help with that. But to come back to your question: the music itself is my message.


  • You compose on a very wide range of music styles! If we listen to all your tracks, we can find some hip hop, ambient/lounge, electro/house, etc. We really feel like you want to explore every one of them. How would you define this plurality in your composition process?

Yes, you're right, it must seem like I had to cover a lot of ground when it comes to musical genres over the years, hehe. The reason for that is actually a wide range of other artists from many different parts of the musical world whose music inspires me deeply. That could be as distant from each other as electronic masters L.F.O. or Hans Zimmer and his beautiful orchestral soundtracks. Most of the time I suck that inspiration up and some months or years later it just leaves its marks on my own music. In general I love a certain contrast, for instance combining something cold and electronical with something warm and peaceful.


  • If we take a look in your personal music collection, what would we find ?


Well, now that is a good question. You will find a lot of independent electronic music, anything the has "80s" written on it, complete movie scores and everything from Röyksopp ;-), but also alternative and indie rock music, even some punk music, smooth and soft unplugged folk music – a bit of everything. At the moment I listen a lot to Arcade Fire, Kimbra and J.Viewz.


  • We understand this is a hard question, but: if you had to choose one song from all of your Sunday Classics tracks, Vol.1 and Vol.2, which one would it be and why?

Hmm...every track has it's own little story but there are only a few tracks that I made that still cause goosebumps when I listen to them myself. One of them is "Left Up There" the last track on Vol.1, also in its Dance-Version as first track on Vol. 1. I really like the chord progression and the mood of both versions, can't really tell why. The original version was also one of my first attemps on something soundtrack-ish, even with using my own vocals (which I had to stuff up with tons of effects to be easy about them beeing in the track ;)).

Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"
  • Do you have any plans for the future?

At the moment I'm trying to bring my music production to a better quality level when it comes to overall sound engineering, and I'm looking forward to put that into the next "real" Chill Carrier album titled "Lucky Robot" which is supposed to take care of my noisy and glitchy electronic influences in an entire album for 2015. I'm also going deeper into orchestral score production since this year and all of it will continue to steadily flow right into every Chill Carrier tune to come. Sometimes I would also like to try out making music in realtime in front of actual people, which, and that I'm certain of, will come within the next years too.
I sometimes even dare to dream of conducting an orchestra playing "Moving Off Ground"... :)


Cheers Sebastian!


Thank you for the opportunity and support, I appreciate it very much!

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